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Chief Creative Officer


Katheryn Sherouse

Katheryn Sherouse is the Chief Creative Officer of Camp Lila, where she teaches young children the art of creating, designs mindful and stimulating learning environments, and indulges families in the magic of childhood. 


Katie has been recognized by Orange Coast College’s Department of Early Childhood Education for her excellence in the classroom at Honors Night and was presented an Early Childhood Development scholarship award. 


She was a permitted early childhood education site supervisor with the state of California (2015-2020), beloved preschool teacher, and professional artist. Over the past 15 years, Katie has influenced the lives of thousands of children through art and imaginative, educational enrichment.  


Katie has helped raise millions of dollars for CHOC children’s hospital by dedicating her time and talents performing in the CHOC follies. 


Katie is an artist, dance fitness fanatic, surfer, and doting mother born and raised in Southern California. 

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