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"Children who can keep a beat often show greater reading fluency."

We allow students to learn, experience, and love music in a nurturing environment where students feel safe to express themselves as unique individuals. Heightened self awareness, socialization, self discipline, spacial reasoning and physical coordination are benefits of our curriculum. Music activities involve rhythm, movement, sound recognition, instrumentation, and beginning notation.   



Art Stories, book one

Curriculum Foundation Series

We provide an opportunity to awaken in a child an appreciation of beauty. In language suited for children, some of the simpler art concepts are presented.Through pictures and story material the child is made conscious of beauty of color, form, line as seen in nature, in pictures, in all of their surroundings. Elementary ideas of drawing, painting, design, sculpture, architecture, interior decoration, and costume are thus introduced in a setting of natural child interests and activities. 



"A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset."

Inspirational classes that encourage a child's natural thirst for connection. In this imaginative series, we combine simple yoga poses and empowering stories. It is an opportunity for our students to build their focus, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. Through stories, breathing and movement, our students learn self-love and the importance of showing kindness to others.



" Camp Lila is pure magic! Ms Katie is a ray of sunshine...she has the best energy and is so amazing with the children. From the minute you walk in she makes everyone feel so welcome with hugs , love, rad activities and music. She thinks of the most creative projects for the kiddos, while having fun and learning at the same time. My daughter just adores every single teacher, and they are all so loving to the kiddos. Camp Lila is unlike any other place. They do yoga, pick fruits from their trees, and bring home paintings that you actually want to hang up, they are so cool! I always say I wish they had a Camp Lila for adults. We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful place."

- Shelly  J

"Camp Lila is such a special place, it really is hard to put into words. The minute we opened the gate and were greeted by Ms Katie, we immediately fell in love! It's like a whimsical secret garden of adventure and imagination. My daughter comes home everyday singing a new song while holding a new masterpiece she painted. She gets so excited to tell us all the new things she is learning. We are putting our son there as well and we're so excited for him to experience the same joy as she does."

- Jenny C

"Camp Lilais a magical place! My son absolutely loves it! It has brought out his artistic and musical talents. The teachers are wonderful, so caring and creative. The activities are thoughtful and change every week, keeping the kids excited and engaged. We are so lucky to be part of these wonderful classes."

- Lisa F

"My son LOVES Camp Lila! He wakes me up every morning asking, "Am I going to Camp Lila today?".Camp Lila teachers understand my son's unique personality and needs. His experience there has been nothing but positive and I've seen growth with him since he started, both mentally and emotionally. He is always so excited to see his friends and his teachers. As a mother, I feel blessed to be confident and at ease in the care he receives at Camp Lila."

- Anna R

"My son absolutely loved his time at Camp Lila! When we first went there I couldn't believe it since it was literally out of a storybook. In my opinion the best environment for littles to grow in!"
- Stephanie M

"I cannot say enough about the teachers at Camp Lila. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Camp Lila is MAGICAL. When you enter the gate, you are welcomed with the biggest, warmest smile and excitement from each one of the teachers. Everyday is new and exciting whether the children are painting, making stamped leather bracelets, enjoying music class, or practicing yoga. The children absolutely love Camp Lila. Our daughter is making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We are so happy we found Ms Katie and Camp Lila!"

- Nicole L

"Camp Lila has quickly become the bright spot in our home. Upon entering, the relaxing music and smells of flowers instantly put my son at ease. I love that the environment is so magical and he has the opportunity to create art, do yoga, and learn music. We are so grateful for Camp Lila because there is truly nothing like it."

- Jacquelyn K

"We feel extremely lucky and grateful that we found Ms Katie and her Camp Lila. From day one, our daughter has flourished and loved being there. It is a magical space that allows kids to be creative, learn, and be themselves every step of the way."

- Ashley P

"We loved our time at Camp Lila! Our girls brought home the most amazing art pieces and there were no tears at drop off since they looked forward to seeing their teachers and friends. You can tell the teachers really care and are invested in your child. I would recommend Camp Lila to everyone - it truly made our summer magical!"

- Cristen S

"We love Ms Katie and the entire Camp Lila crew, they are just the best. My son is so excited to go to Camp Lila and is so happy when we pick him up. It's the best program I have ever sent any of my four boys to. There are surprises  every day so my son never gets bored. His favorites are soap making, tie dye making, and leather bracelet making. Wish they had Camp Lila for my 13 year old!! Magical Place!!!"
- Lauren R

"Camp Lila is one of the most magical spots. I have both my boys there. From the moment you arrive it's like walking into a magical wonderland. The music, the art, the creativity, the students, the other parents, and most important the teachers. Ms Katie and the crew make everyday an amazing adventure. Upon their arrival Ms Katie will greet each of my boys with a big hug and kind words. She squeezes them tight and in return their faces light up from ear to ear. To know my kids are that loved, cared for and heard means the world to me. The art that they come home with has become some of my most prized possessions. The stories my children share and the pictures Ms Katie shares are amazing. My boys ask even on the days they are not attending., "Mommy are we going to Camp Lila?" We absolutely love Camp Lila and count ourselves lucky to be part of their special family."

- Cory B

"Camp Lila is one of those places that will forever leave a mark on your family, in the best of way. There isa unique and creative spirit pouring out of every corner. From our son's first week with Camp Lila we saw his creativity start to blossom, his interest in leaning spiked and a desire to create in many different facets was born and bred with the walls of this special place. Each child's personality is acknowledged in it's uniqueness. The children are not only learning through creative play and art, but through planting roots in personal development skills like yoga and music which can be nurtured through the years to create mindful and artistic children. We are forever grateful for Camp Lila and all of the people who pour their hearts and spirits into being with the kids each day." 

- Alicia B

"My daughter looooves Camp Lila! Every morning she wakes up and asks if she can go to school. We are blessed to be part of the Camp Lila family. Ms Katie at the other amazing teachers have given my daughter the tools to be confident and helped break her of her shyness."

- Lindsay M

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